Flaming Ferns

Western Avenue Studios and Lofts
160 Western Avenue Loft 214
Lowell MA

I grew up in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Connecticut and began lessons with oils when I was nine.  Flaming Ferns, shown in this portfolio, is an example of my work when I was 12. 

Now my chosen medium is acrylics because they work well in my traveling lifestyle.  My path has offered the opportunity to live in several states, the Carolinas, California, Virginia, Texas, Hawaii, Kansas, and Massachusetts. My paintings have found homes as far away as Japan, Norway, and South America. The years I spent as a linguist in the US Army and a Marine Corps dependent gave me the gift of travel. Browsing my portfolio is holding postcards from my life. Hanging my work in your space is a window to something that clung to my heart and mind long after I moved on my path.

I explore in ever widening rings from where I am, I am a witness to that time, that place. I have moved 19 times and lived in nine states. I am about finding the small spaces, hidden places and mercurial skylines, returning at different times of day. The effect of the light is of special interest to me. Reflections in water, glass, ice, a polished floor offer the kinds of challenges I want to master. I prefer working on a larger canvas,  building them to complement the subject.  I want to see a very small phenomenon grow mighty and beautiful.

WASAA Western Avenue Artists Association Artist Member
Whistler House Museum of Art/Lowell Art Association Artist Member  
USVAA United States Veterans’ Artists Alliance Colleague                  



If you are interested in commissioning a painting, or purchasing one shown, contact me to discuss details and availability.